Bespoke media purchasing solutions

We started our journey as an advertising agency in 2016. However, our colleagues each have over 10 years of sales, marketing and PR experience, thanks to their extensive background in the industry. We are proud to have clients that we have had the pleasure of working with for many years and that still stick by the expertise of our team to this day. Our number one goal remains to be our commitment to nurture long-lasting professional relationships with all our clients. Our most important accomplishment has been lifting a large number of small and medium enterprises into the market of television, radio and online advertising. We are proud to say that over the years we have successfully bridged the gap in the industry between SMEs and multi-national corporations. We continue to provide successful, well-timed campaigns on the best platforms to a great number of SMEs. We are not afraid to ask ourselves, after every campaign, whether or not our work has been effective – we believe this to be the key to long-lasting professional relationships. We are able to provide effective and personalised campaigns tailored to any budget, thanks to our proactive and conscientious attitude.

We place a great emphasis on market and media monitoring, therefore our clients are always up to date on the best times and platforms to advertise on and can schedule their campaigns cost effectively throughout the year.

Why should you choose us?

Because our main priority is to provide the highest level of service to our clients regardless of budget limitations, and to analyse the effectiveness of their campaigns in a straightforward way.
Because we set a new standard in content creation. We create something unique for each campaign, be it copywriting, a TV ad or a brand video.
Because we know which platforms to choose for the best price and reach on both traditional media and online.
Because we have all the best solutions in one place. Television and radio campaigns, spot and non-spot campaigns, PR and sponsorship campaigns, online and out of home campaigns – all available through us.
Because we are not afraid to challenge ourselves and put our skills to the test.

Because we meticulously plan each campaign and guide our clients through the entire process.

Because we are flexible and creative, helping our clients with any query until the very last moment of the campaign.

Our services

Media purchasing
Out of Home
Campaign management

Our clients

Magyar Vöröskereszt
ideal body
City taxi
RÉGIÓ játék
220 volt
Somogyi elektronik
Tracon electric

Our partners


Personalized content production

Radio commercials and voice-overs

Whether for a radio or television commercial, brand video or podcast, quality sound is a must. From copywriting all the way to the finishing touches, our team leads you through our creative process, while our expert voice-over artists provide the best listening experience each time.


Be it a television ad, brand or product video, we always focus on your best profile. Our team leads you through our transparent, collaborative and client oriented process, from the initial brief to the very last frame, so in the end, the only thing standing between you and your perfect commercial is your imagination.

Graphic design,
post production

Animated commercials, post-production, online banners. Our digital content is produced by industry leading hardware and software and by the creativity of our team, tailored to you, be it static or moving picture.

Our slogans you might recognize

A diszkrét biztonság kulcsa.

Tracon electric

A jövő fényében.

Mert Skodát Érden érdemes.

A diszkrét biztonság kulcsa.

A jövő fényében.

Mert Skodát Érden érdemes.


"Professional team, perfect attitude, flexible, custom solutions anytime. The representative is always ready and happy to help and provides the best solutions for both smaller and bigger budgets. Complete market coverage, both online and offline."
Genoveva Florovits
"I like working with AG7 Media, because they also strive for the best results with GLOBUS campaigns and always help us find the best solutions. Even when they have to re-calculate everything four or five times because of my new ideas."
Áron Dankó


AG7 Média Kft.
Headquarters: H-2011 Budakalász, Kanonok utca 5.
Office: H-1126 Budapest, Dolgos utca 2. building 5
Managing director: Péter Nietsch
Head of sales: Tamás Baltay  +36 30 452 5128
Tax no.: 25923496-2-13

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